Save the Date for this year's Campaign for Quality October x-x, 2015

A new perspective on today's ever changing healthcare system.

Alicia Cole will kick off Campaign For Quality on Friday at Hamilton College. Cole is a survivor of multiple hospital-acquired infections. In August 2006, following routine fibroid removal, she left the operating room with a fever, nausea and pain. Her condition quickly declined and she found herself being treated for sepsis, pseudomonas, MRSA, VRE and necrotizing fasciitis. Suddenly, Cole’s estimated two-day hospital stay turned into a two month fight for life. Cole is a patient safety advocate and her story will inspire everyone in the audience.


The free educational event on Friday at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, is open to all employees, medical staff and volunteers from hospitals across New York State, as well as the general public. In 2014, more than 425 physicians, healthcare workers, students and community members were in attendance. More than 20 hospitals and 13 healthcare organizations located throughout New York State were represented at last year’s CFQ.

Following this activity participants will 
be able to: 
• Describe the basics of the Population Health approach.
• Discuss the relationship between culture and patient outcomes.
• Describe current immunization availability.
• Discuss common pediatric emergencies.
• Employ stress reduction techniques.
The following topics will also be covered:
• Patient Safety
• Breast Cancer
• Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program
• Diabetes
• Palliative Care
• Therapeutic Practices