Save the Date for this year's Campaign for Quality October x-x, 2015

A new perspective on today's ever changing healthcare system.

John O’Leary will kick off Campaign For Quality on Friday at Hamilton College. As a child, John experienced firsthand the devastating nature of fire which burned nearly 100 percent of his body. He was given less than a one percent chance of surviving the first night. His unlikely recovery meant a journey of pain and loss that could have easily been insurmountable. Yet, John chose not only to rise above adversity, but to thrive. As a college graduate, business owner, philanthropist, husband and father, he serves as an amazing beacon of hope, positive change and bold action.

This free educational event is open to all employees, medical staff and volunteers from hospitals across New York State, as well as the general public. In 2013, more than 430 physicians, healthcare workers, students and community members were in attendance. Twenty-three hospitals and 13 healthcare organizations located throughout New York State were represented at last year’s CFQ.

  • Identify the drivers of hospital use and develop strategies to decrease the need for hospital utilization.
  • Identify women at increased risk for stroke. Develop and implement risk-reduction strategies.
  • Identify and use the tools necessary to advance the discussion of palliative care and its place in the continuum of care.
  • Identify the limitations of diagnostic tests.
  • Identify and manage the drivers of childhood obesity.